About SingThing

Sing-Thing is a line of small-batch furniture that would dance if it could.

Created by spatial designer Adi Goodrich of creative studio Sing-Sing, the Los Angeles-based project found its legs in the desire to multiply a good thing — slowly-designed and lovingly-crafted furniture inspired by and made for artists. Beaming with confidence and joy, Sing-Thing’s debut collection, ‘The Frunchroom’ is an offbeat celebration of anti-capitalist objects that are just as alive as you are.

Every Sing-Thing object is designed and built in Los Angeles by Adi Goodrich, a small team of collaborators, and one CNC machine at the Sing-Sing studio.

We partner with Small Office for viewings and sales. Please contact paul@smalloffice.info to schedule an appointment or to discuss ordering from our collection. 

ADDRESS: 3465 Casitas Ave LA, CA 90039

PHONE: (323) 576-2165




Adi Goodrich

About Adi Goodrich

Adi Goodrich is an artist and spatial designer who specializes in large-scale set design, site-specific art installation, sculpture and interiors.

For the last three decades, Adi has studied the art of truly looking. Raised in a woodshop alongside her father, an architectural restorer and antiques dealer, Adi fell in love with materiality and construction and the people who've mastered it. She studied with the Chicago Imagists at School of the Art Institute of Chicago and La Sorbonne in Paris, and designed window displays for Barney's and Anthropologie before embarking on a decade-long career in set design.

Clients and collaborators include Apple, Lyft, Target, Google, Adidas, Fleet Foxes, Headspace, Instagram, Dropbox, John Legend, Lavazza, Paper Magazine, Flamingo Estate, Marz Brewing & Wine & Eggs.

Above all else, Adi believes that good design has the power to tell new stories. Her obsession with color, shape and materiality leads her to build the bright, new worlds she wants to live in.

Adi lives in Los Angeles where she runs Sing-Sing Studio with her partner Sean Pecknold.